Our Story



We pride ourselves in age-old distilling methods, locally sourced ingredients, and an authentic experience. Owner and Head Distiller, Chris Prillaman is a direct descendent of bootleggers, who all made a living crafting spirits in the hills and hollers of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Twin Creeks Distillery produced and sold the first legal batch of liquor in Franklin County, Virginia's "Moonshine Capital" since prohibition. The original brand Franklin County's Finest was a sell-out and stands as a collector's item today.

Our History

Peg & Eula


Pictured is our Grandpap, James Walter Hatcher, alias "Peg" and Grandmother, Eula Mae Hatcher. Grandpap Peg was tied up in the nationally known "Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935" during depression times.

Chris Prillaman

Founder and Master Distiller

Anna Prillaman

Communications and Marketing 

Joni Bowman

Tasting Room and Distillery Store

Tanner Talley

Sales and Production