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1st Sugar Moonshine

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 750 ml

1st Sugar often leads people to a thought of "sweetness" but this clear moonshine is far from that. Following a run of pure rye whiskey, the spent mash is "sugared" back and run again. This is what we call 1st shots or 1st sugar in the hills of Franklin County, Virginia. The finish is a stout but smooth drinking liquor that pairs well with anything. Don't fear the clear!

Straight Whisky

Peg Hatcher's Straight Whisky


White Whiskey

Sweet Mash Rye

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 750 ml

A pure grain, unaged whiskey straight from the copper still. Locally grown rye is ground and picked up in our hometown. Upon arrival at the distillery, a sweet mash is whipped up consisting of mostly rye with a hint of corn, yeast, and malt. Fermentation begins and distillation follows. The aftermath is a 90 proof, sippin' liquor that has a highly desired bite.

Copper Corn

100 Proof | 50% ABV | 750 ml

Pure corn, unaged whiskey. "Copper Corn" received its name because of the authenticity of how it is produced. This 100 proof, corn liquor is mashed and then distilled in a traditional, copper submarine type still.

Fruit Brandy

Peach Brandy

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 375ml

The first batch of brandy produced at Twin Creeks Distillery. This is a product of hard work and effort. Shirley's Orchard resides along Philpott Lake growing the most flavorful peaches around. Lucky for us, the orchard sits five minutes away from the distillery. After picking time, the peaches are mixed and mashed until fermentation is complete. The end product is a smooth and clear brandy that will leave you wanting more. 

Pear Brandy

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 375 ml

Twin Creek's latest brandy and a rare brandy at that. Pears were picked locally and "mashed in" to begin the fermentation process. Following fermentation, distillation occurs. The finish on this 90 proof, clear liquor is stout but smooth, leaving you feeling "pear"fect.

Apple Brandy

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 375 ml

Not only a Fall favorite, this brandy stands out in any season. Local farmers reach out when they have an abundance of apples and the picking begins amidst our distillery team. The sweet aroma of apple pie fills the room as the apples are being mixed and mashed. Fermentation begins and distillation follows. Savor a smooth, 90 proof taste with a strong essence of the apples themselves.

Blackberry Brandy

90 Proof | 45% ABV | 375 ml

Another rare brandy produced at Twin Creeks Distillery. Unlike the other fruit brandies, this brandy is a product handcrafted from blackberry puree. Enjoy a hint of sweetness with an interesting dry taste to the tip of the tongue. We love it in our Raspberry Fizz or Blackberry Punch.