1st Sugar Moonshine

90 Proof | 750 ML 

Our signature spirit, made from sugar cane and rye. 1st Sugar Moonshine is known for it's neutral nature and ability to pair with anything. Sip it straight, soak some fruit or enjoy it in a mixer. 

Peg Hatcher's Straight Whisky

80 Proof | 750 ML

Our Grandpap Peg left his mark during The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935. As a toast, we aged a rye base in Virginia white oak barrels for over two years. Pour over a glass of ice and enjoy our Franklin County whisky.

Sweet Mash Rye

90 Proof | 750 ML

Our Sweet Mash dates back to war times, when sugar was rationed and grain was plenty. 

Copper Corn

100 Proof | 750 ML

Our highest proofed spirit, distilled in a traditional copper pot. 

Peach Brandy

90 Proof | 375 ML

Our favored fruit brandy, made from peaches grown on Philpott Lake, located just by the distillery. 

Pear Brandy

90 Proof | 375 ML 

Our unique fruit brandy, made from Virginia pears.

Apple Brandy

90 Proof | 375 ML 

Virginia apples


Blackberry Brandy

90 Proof | 375 ML

Blackberry purée



Virginia Folks:

Purchase our 1st Sugar Moonshine and Peach Brandy in select VA ABC stores.




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